Mobile VoIP Product

The Mobile VoIP product allows providers to offer mobile VoIP calling facilities to their end customers. A range of flexible implementations of this product are offered to cater to various end user requirements. This product is integrated into the SARC control panel, allowing providers to sell mobile VoIP calling accounts to their end customers at their own customized rates in their respective local currencies.

This product operates in all countries, including VoIP regulated regions. The two main implementations of this product offered to the provider are via GosSIP Mobile and Nokia SIP.

GosSIP Mobile

GosSIP Mobile is a custom built mobile VoIP application that operates on a range of supported mobile handsets including Symbian, Blackberry & iPhone. It allows the provider’s end customers to login with their Mobile VoIP calling accounts and initial VoIP calls via their local 3G/GPRS network or any available authorized WiFi access points.

Nokia SIP

The Nokia SIP implementation of the Mobile VoIP product allows calling via the built-in SIP calling feature on selected Nokia handsets. This option allows users to place VoIP calls via the 3G networks or WiFi access points. GPRS networks are not support under Nokia SIP. The provider has the options of configuring the Nokia SIP settings via two methods:


 The user will be charged by their mobile operator for the data connection usage if the call is made via 3G/GPRS.

VoIP call charges will be billed according to the rates setup in the VOIP MATRIX control panel by the provider.

Use the same VoIP account at home, at the office, with your PC, even on your mobile phone

You must have some form of internet connection (wi-fi, 3G, Cable, DSL)  to use talk for free.  

However even if you do not have an internet connection you can still use our VoIP Direct Service and Save as well.