The PC to Phone VoIP product is the oldest and the easiest means of making VoIP calls. Providers have the options of offering this product via generic VoIP dialers supporting the SIP protocol couples with VoIP accounts generated in the SARC control panel, or they could provide the GosSIP softphone to their end customers. This product functions over a minimum bandwidth of 56kbps and has provision to pass calls via blocked ISP networks. Providers can offer this product ideally for cyber cafes, home users and anyone looking to have VoIP calling facility on their personal computers. 

GosSIP Softphone

GosSIP Softphone is a generic unbranded software available for providers to offer to their end customers to allow PC to Phone calling. This software works on the SIP protocol and allows crystal clear VoIP calling from any personal computer having a minimum of 56kpbs connectivity. Customized and branded version of the GosSIP softphone is available for the Managed Reseller Advanced Package.

Generic Dialers

Providers have the flexibility of offering the PC to Phone services via any other generic softphones available freely as third party applications. However, quality of service cannot be guaranteed as this depends on the stability and quality of these third party generic dialers. Configuration support for selected generic dialers is provided on request.